Distribution this week January 14, 2021 




This Week's Recipe:

Thought I would share what I do with left over Turkey.  Kids are out of school and they love this for a snack or lunch.


Chop the turkey in bite size pieces and put in a skillet with a little melted butter.  Heat until good and warm.  Put on bread (plain or toasted) with mayonnaise, salt and black pepper.


The first time I made these for my boys they at 3 of them! 


Another recipe a friend told me about was for home made vegetable soup.  She said to take your corn and just cut the very top of the kernels off and then cook the cobs in the soup.  It picks up the flavor of the soup and you have corn of the cob with the soup!  I haven't tried it yet but will definitely do so next time I make vegetable soup.



Helpful Hint:


To create a lovely home aromatherapy smell, add some cinnamon or orange or lemon peels to a pan of water and vinegar, let boil. It will fill your home with a lovely scent, and make it small of Christmas.








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