DISTRIBUTION Thursday, September 10th


This week’s recipe:


One Pot Dinner:

1 lb. ground beef, mixed with one chopped onion, roll into small meatballs

4 potatoes, sliced as for scalloped potatoes

4 onions, quartered

4 stalks celery, sliced

1 can mushroom or onion soup, mixed with 1/3 can water


Brown prepared meatballs in pot or skillet.  Toss in vegetables.  Add soup, mix all ingredients together.  Simmer until potatoes are done.

(Serves 4)


Helpful Hint:


When boiling eggs put about 1 teaspoon soda in water and the shells will come off easily.  Also when boiling beans or other foods put a wooden spoon on top of the pan and it won’t boil over. 


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