Thursday February 20, 2020


Please bring your banana boxes back whole, do not break them down. All other cardboard must be broken down.


Once again, we must remind you to make sure you or anyone in your group sell any products you get here.  Also make sure you and your group members pass this on to the people you bless with our products. We have found products being sold on Market Place, Next Door App. And Craig’s List.  We also want to remind you that it is illegal for you or anyone you and your group share with to sell, trade or barter any products you get here. 


Enjoy your week and we will see you on Thursday.


This week’s Recipe:


One Pan Chicken Delight


2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 pkg. Stir fry vegetables

1 (12) pkg. mozzarella grated cheese


Put frozen vegetable stir fry in frying pan with cooking oil. Cook low heat and stir until thawed (about 7 minutes).  Put chicken on top of stir fry cover until white, turn chicken over and cook until white.  Don’t overcook or will make chicken tough (about 10 minutes).  Put cheese over chicken and cover until melted about 2–3 minutes. Take off heat, serve over rice or eat as is.



Helpful Hint:


Add 1/2 cup vinegar to the last rinse cycle of your wash to soften clothes.

You can also reduce lint build up and keep pet hair from clinging to clothing by adding vinegar to last rinse cycle.






























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