DISTRIBUTION Thursday, 11/12 




This week's Recipe:

I always thought I knew how to make gravy, but never seemed to get all the lumps out.  Finally my sister told me how to make it.  (her's is very good).

In a cold skillet put 3 Tablespoons Flour (self rising) and 3 Tablespoons oil.  Stir this until blended and smooth.  Cook but do not brown if you want white gravy.  When ready pour milk in to the consistency you want the more you use the thinner the gravity.  For brown gravy cook as above but let oil and flour brown then add water to the consistency you want.  If you need more, double the flour and oil before adding liquids.


Instead of a helpful hint, I would like to share a family grace with you, especially in this time of need.  I read it in a family cookbook:

O God our Father, who givest food for the body and truth for the mind, so enlighten and nourish us that we may grow wise and strong to do thy will.  Amen


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