Who We Are

Georgia Food & Resource Center ( GAFRC ) is a non-profit, charitable, hunger and disaster relief organization that was formed to aid communities in need, providing them with food and other resources. This is accomplished through donations, community partnerships and volunteers.

Our Mission

The Mission of GAFRC is to provide relief for victims of hunger, caring for all people and their basic needs through the support and partnership of donors, community organizations, and volunteers.

We are happy to announce that GAFRC gave out over 3 million pounds of product in 2016, 4 million pounds in 2017, 4.25 million in 2018, over 4.5 million pounds in 2019, and over 5.3 million pounds of product in 2020!  Thank you to all our donors that provide all the products that we distribute each week that make this possible!

Meet The Team


Tracy Smith

Director of Operations


Glenda Huckaby

Office Secretary & Bookkeeper